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Brownies & Bars

Brownie lovers look no further than this collection of decadent brownies and sinful bars. You’ll find everything from chocolate brownies to fruity curd filled dessert bars.

Not sure where to start? First learn How to Make Brownies then move on to lush Lemon Bars, Nutella Brownies, and Pecan Pie Bars.

Chocolate Orange Brownies

Chocolate Orange Brownies are fudgy, moist, and packed with intense chocolate flavor highlighted by bright orange zest. These chocolate orange brownies with homemade glaze are the perfect dessert for winter. Chocolate and oranges are a fantastic flavor pairing. And swirled into dense, fudge-like brownies, you truly can’t go wrong. Serve these citrus-spiked treats to guests …

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Cream Cheese Brownies

These cream cheese brownies are made with creamy cheesecake swirled into thick, fudgy brownies. It’s a rich, decadent dessert recipe that’s super simple to make! This marbled cheesecake brownie recipe is phenomenal. I mean, nothing beats a classic brownie recipe that’s swirled with sweetened cream cheese. The recipe starts with my fudgy brownies. I used …

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Fudgy Brownies with Peanut Butter Frosting

Fudgy Brownies with Peanut Butter frosting are ridiculously delicious.  The thick layer of creamy peanut butter frosting take these brownies right over the edge. Are you ready for the fudgiest brownies topped with only the best version of peanut butter frosting?  Then you are in the right place! There is no better combination than chocolate …

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Chocolate Cherry Brownies

These homemade Chocolate Cherry Brownies are much better than packaged brownies but just as easy to make! The slightly sweet, dense chocolate brownie is dotted with maraschino cherries for that classic chocolate-covered cherry flavor we all know and love. Unlike most brownie recipes, this one will not leave you with a toothache. It’s perfectly balanced. …

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Snickers Brownies

Combining brownies with a classic Snickers bar results in an incredible dessert experience. A thick triple chocolate brownie base, layered with gooey caramel, nutty marshmallow nougat, and topped with creamy chocolate. Once you try these over the top Snickers Brownies, you will be hooked! Homemade Snickers Brownies Recipe A thick triple chocolate brownie base layered with …

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