Basic Pecan Pie Bars

Crunchy, gooey pecan pie bars are a wonderful fall treat. A crisp shortbread crust gets topped with classic pecan pie filling for a simple and portable dessert.

side view of a stack of pecan pie bars

A long time ago I shared a recipe for chocolate bourbon pecan bars. Today’s pecan pie bars are inspired by that old recipe.

I revamped it slightly, omitting the chocolate in the crust and filling. I also adjusted the filling so it’s a bit more gooey like a pecan pie.

I left the pecans whole instead of chopping them up and I used 4 cups of pecans. These bars are so crunchy and gooey.

The edges bake up a bit crisper than the center. I prefer the middle pieces over the edges pieces.

The crust is thick to support all the filling. I sprinkled a little brown sugar over the crust before baking it to create a crisp layer of caramelized sugar.

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