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Made From Scratch Baked Goods & Dessert Recipes

Here you'll find my tried and true recipes for classic baked goods and desserts. From basic cakes to elegant cheesecakes, there's something for everyone!

Incredibly delicious recipes that readers are loving right now!

Recent Recipes

New recipes from Baked by an Introvert.

Seasonal Treats

Looking for recipes to make during the winter? Try these cozy bakes.

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Hi, I’m Jen. Here at Baked by an Introvert, you will find well-tested recipes for desserts and baked goods that I’ve created in my own kitchen. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions with as much detail as possible so you can have 100% success when baking from my site.

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Brownies and Bars

Decadent brownies recipes that are sure to make you swoon! See all →

Frostings and Fillings

The best and easiest recipes for frostings and fillings! There's a flavor for every cake or cupcake. See all →


You won't want any other breakfast muffin after giving these tasty recipes a try! See all →

Amazing Scones

We have so many incredible scone recipes to choose from. See all →

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