five cupcakes in a line with different frostings and toppings
Jen with cupcakes

Hi, I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve always had a love for baking and cooking. There are fond memories of me helping my godmother whip up her famous watergate salad and signature potato salad.

As a teenager, I became responsible for preparing the family dinner because my mother was working second shift. This is when I discovered my passion for experimenting with food.

It wasn’t long after that when my grandma gave me my first cookbook on baking. I fell in love and wanted to make everything in it.

Even though I never bake from this book anymore, it remains a part of my collection. It sits on my bookshelf with its broken binding and tattered and stained pages as a reminder of where this passion came from.


two cupcakes with chocolate frosting and swirled frosting

What you’ll find

Here on my site, you will find a variety of baked goods, desserts, and a few savory options. I enjoy working with my hands to create edible masterpieces. It’s amazing how you can turn simple ingredients into something that brings joy to the people around you.

Some of my favs

five cupcakes with various frostings staggered to left of image

Where I get inspiration

I get inspiration for my recipes from all over and I really enjoy putting my own spin on classic recipes that we’ve all come to know and love. When it comes to flavor options, the possibilities are endless.