Dr Pepper Cupcakes

Fluffy and moist, these dr pepper cupcakes are my absolute favorite. The brown butter frosting takes them to a whole new level!

Dr Pepper Cupcakes | bakedbyanintrovert.com

I have seen numerous recipes for soda cakes/coke cakes in every corner of the Internet. Honestly, I was never impressed by soda cake until I decided to experiment with my own recreation of it.

I am in love with this recipe. I went with dr pepper because it happens to be my most favorite soda. These cupcakes turned out unbelievably moist, buttery, and chocolate-y with just a hint of dr pepper. [Read More…]

Cookie Butter Frosting | bakedbyanintrovert.com

Cookie Butter Frosting

Incredibly sweet and delicious buttercream frosting flavored with Biscoff cookie butter. You’ll want to put this frosting on EVERYTHING! I have another amazing frosting recipe for you today. Cookie butter frosting! Can you hear the excitement in ... continue reading...

Lemon Thumbprint Cookies | bakedbyanintrovert.com

Lemon Thumbprint Cookies

Buttery vanilla shortbread cookies filled with lemon curd and drizzled with white chocolate. I am a sucker for an old fashioned classic recipe like thumbprint cookies. The cookie itself is a buttery melt in your mouth shortbread. And most often ... continue reading...

Pineapple Cupcakes with Whipped Coconut Buttercream Frosting | bakedbyanintrovert.com

Pineapple Cupcakes

These pineapple cupcakes are moist, buttery, and loaded with crushed pineapple. They are paired perfectly with coconut buttercream for a tropical treat. I am a huge fan of fruity desserts. So it should come as no surprise that I want to fruit in ... continue reading...

Swoon-worthy Recipes, 11 | bakedbyanintrovert.com

Swoon-worthy Recipes, 11

A magic 3 layer custard cake that is magically delicious. I could eat all of this one pot italian chicken and rice! Ham cheese and spinach puffs could be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Creme Brulee doughnuts? Are you kidding me? I need ... continue reading...

Whipped Coconut Bittercream | bakedbyanintrovert.com

Coconut Buttercream Frosting

Thick, luscious whipped coconut buttercream frosting. Perfect on top of cakes, cupcakes, or alone on a spoon! I have for you the best Coconut Buttercream Frosting recipe! It’s creamy and silky. It’s stiff and pipe-able. It’s darn right ... continue reading...

Double Chocolate Brownies | bakedbyanintrovert.com

Double Chocolate Brownies

Chewy, fudgy double chocolate brownies made completely from scratch. So decadent you will never want store bought again! Is there anything better than a homemade chocolaty, fudgy, chewy brownie? I can’t say that there is, unless you throw peanut ... continue reading...

Snuba Key West FL

Talk Friday, 3

{photo and comic credited to Explosm.net} Yep! That is exactly how I would react to a spider. After seeing this comic the other night, I thought it would be fun to talk about fears for Talk Friday. And boy do I have a list of them. Okay, not ... continue reading...