Let’s team up to meet the needs of your marketing goals. I thoroughly enjoy working with brands and companies I personally use and love. I want to tell my readers all about your products!

I have a passion for creating brand-related content and have worked with several companies in the past.

My photos and recipes have been featured on BuzzFeed, The Huffington Post, Parade, Redbook, Women’s Day.

Partnership Ideas

Recipe Development Projects:

I have a passion for creating new recipes and it’s what I love most about my job. Let’s collaborate and come up with an amazing recipe to represent your brand!

Brand Ambassador Programs:

I can represent your brand through a customized series of blog posts and/or social media campaigns.

Food Photography & Videos:

I am happy to create unique photos and videos of your brand/product using my own personal style.

Product Giveaways:

I only host giveaways for products that I personally use and love. It must be a product that I know my readers will enjoy as well. I will never host a giveaway for products I do not genuinely enjoy or have never used.

Do you have an idea that wasn’t mentioned here? Contact me at [email protected] with your idea and to obtain my media kit. I’d love to work with you!

At this time, I do not offer product reviews on my website.

*I reserve the right to publish my honest opinion.