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Cranberry Orange Scones

Jen Sobjack

Tender and flaky with tart cranberries in every bite, these cranberry orange scones are the best fall scones you'll ever have. They're perfect for enjoying with a cup of coffee on a chilly morning!

With lots of orange flavors and each bite speckled with tart fresh cranberries, these scones are perfect for breakfast, served with a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.

Combine dry ingredients


Whisk together the dry ingredients and orange zest in a large bowl. 

Cut in butter


Cut in the butter, until the mixture looks like coarse crumbs.

Add cranberries


Gently fold in the cranberries.

Add wet ingredients


Whisk the orange juice, milk, and vanilla together. Gradually mix into the flour mixture, until the dough comes together.

Shape scones


Pat into a 7-inch circle. Cut the circle into 8 equal parts.



Freeze for 30 minutes then bake for 15-20 minutes in the center of the oven, until golden brown. Top with orange glaze.

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