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Caramel  Sweet Potato Pie

Jen Sobjack

Rich, indulgent and made completely from scratch, this caramel sweet potato pie is a twist on a traditional Thanksgiving pie. This easy pie is guaranteed to impress all of your holiday guests!

If the idea of making everything from scratch seems intimidating or you're just low on time, don't worry! This recipe is incredibly easy, even from scratch, but if needed you can easily use storebought pie crust and caramel sauce.

Make the dough for the crust.


Prepare the pie crust by rolling the dough and lining the pie pan. Pre-bake the crust so the filling won't make it soggy.

Mash sweet potatoes.


Mash roasted potatoes with butter, cinnamon, and salt.

Make the filling.


Whisk the eggs, caramel sauce and milk together. Add to the sweet potatoes and whisk to combine.



Pour caramel over the top and bake until set, about 50-60 minutes.

Make the whipped cream


Make whipped cream or use storebought. You can add 2-3 tablespoons of caramel to the cream if desired.

Garnish and serve.


 Allow to cool on a wire rack for 2 to 3 hours. Top with whipped cream if desired. Then cut and enjoy!

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